The Easiest way to Run Your Email Campaigns

Create a simple and great email campaign with ease. If you want to create the newsletters just for increasing subscribers list for your business or just growing your audience WSLAB Campaign is a good option to send emails to many at same time.

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Send Daily/ Weekly Newsletter

Newsletter or blog emails can be scheduled as per your requirement using campaign scheduler. In the schedule, you can also choose the timezone for specific region time.

Create Your Own Email Template

WSLAB Campaign provide the some inbuilt email template. You can also create your own email template & use it.

Send Personalized Emails

Make feel to your subscribers that your message is written just for you. Use personalization provided for making content dynamic.

Real-Time Reports of Campaigns

Track success of your campaigns just after it gets executed. You will get an email sent, delivered, open rate, Click rate.

Use Filters On Subscribers to Segment

For now, we provide the filter for segmenting the subscribers for a particular campaign. Filters are tagged, subscribers, subscribers added from forms, subscribers from the sequence.

Simple Automation Flow

WSLAB Campaigns provide the simple automation by this you can automate the flow of emails according to the activity of subscribers.