Email Marketing and Automation Software Toolkit


As a part of our larger development goal, WSLAB has decided to open source the source code of EAST as a MIT license.

GIT Source code will be released after a few audits to check whether all 3rd party library that we use is Open Source MIT compliant.

However, we are allowing a zip download to the earlier adopters to try out the software and give us feedback and report bugs.

This is a pre-release and it’s feature includes,

  • Drip Emails for email automation
  • Lead Funnel for collecting leads
  • Broadcast for sending newsletters or updates
  • Automation for running trigger and action
  • Simple Subscriber management
  • Simple report
  • 3rd party Email Service (Mailgun, AWS SES, Sparkpost) integration for sending emails

We tested EAST with 20k email at once in the broadcast but with drip automation, it can go up to 50k. You can try out your own limit.

During this pre-release cycle,

  • Every week on Friday we will release a bug fixes and an improvement.
  • Every fortnight we will have a minor release based on the feedback.

In the future, we want to include,

  • Subscriber segmentation
  • Detailed reporting
  • More integrations

You can download the pre-release version here.


If you have any query you can email me at

Create an Automated Email Series with the Email Sequence

Send user onboarding emails, customer trial emails, product walkthrough emails or sell info product. An automated email sequence is a perfect fit for doing the job. Get most out of your email marketing using email sequence.

Send Updates or Newsletters to Your Subscribers Using Broadcast.

Keep your subscriber informed and engaged with your frequent updates.

Send a broadcast to your subscribers.

Manage Subscriber like a CRM. Segment list using tags and subscription.

Collect and grow your subscribers to build your business and a brand. Create a simple hosted page or use embeddable HTML or use our WordPress plugin to collect the subscribers.


Setup triggers when subscribers take an action. Run the complete automation workflow.

Measure Your Effort Using Acitivity Reports.

Track subscribers and the email activity.

Every details matter for your business and the brand.


Schedule your content

Write and schedule content at once, so you are free to do other things.

Automated Emails Handling

We remove duplicates, unsubscribes, complains and bounce emails from your active subscribes list.

Ease of use

We built it with one principle, ease of use, no training or learning curve required.

Write Personalised Email

Write a personal email using the email placeholders and build a relationship with the subscribers.

Text-based emails

We believe it simplicity, write an email like a personal note. Get more open rates, this also helps you avoid spam filters.

Email Reports

You can view opens, clicks, unsubscribes and bounced email.

Landing Page

Landing Page

Create and host landing pages with ease.

Embed Form

Embed form anywhere on your website using HTML code

Single and Double Opt-in

Easily create a single or double opt-in form with simple checkbox.


Deliver & Route Emails through recommended SMTP Delivery Servers